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June 11th, 2013 is a what I like to call an online catchall. There are a few online catchalls lingering. I have gone back and forth using Evernote and Dropmark as my catchall depending on what I trying to catch.

I found this somewhere while cruising the internets. I tweeted the company in hopes to get a beta invite and they sent me one immediately. allows you to save a wide range of documents and clips from your browser. Photoshop documents, PDFs, images, quotes, links, and notes. You can install the extension for your web browser of choice to make saving items easier. Just hit the shortcut (cmd + I for Mac) and you are presented with a window to drag items to for saving.

Off the bat, you notice that it’s beautifully designed. The categories for what you want to catch is called icedrops. You open the site to your first icedrop in alphabetical order. A few things I don’t like is the fact that the items do not auto save when you drag them to the extension’s window. I sent several item to before realizing they were not begin saved. If I’m on a rapid fire saving frenzy, having to click on the icedrop i want to save is a tad cumbersome. I’d rather they provide a list of your icedrops for me to drop my items into. The other thing I wasn’t fan of is how the window ducks from you when you try to drag something to it.

Aside from those two issues I have, the product is solid. If you don’t have a catchall already then it’s definitely worth checking out.

Author: Douglas "Wise" Rogers

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