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New vs Old Media Billionaires

April 23rd, 2013

In the race to a billion got my face to the ceiling // Got my knees on the floor please Lord forgive him

Jay-Z – Grammy Family Freestyle

If you don’t know already, we live in a fast food nation. We want everything fast! I guess that theory also applies to how fast we want to be billionaires. In light of Jay-Z and Beyonce becoming the first billionaires, we get a infographic comparing how fast today’s media moguls got to their first billy to how fast the old heads got theirs. I have a feeling that within the next 10 years this race is going to be kicked up a notch and go into the TRILLIONS.

In the meantime…can somebody let me borrow….$250,000. That’s all. MarkLarry…*looks at infographic*…I KNOW one of y’all got it.


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