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Apple’s Tunnel Vision

June 7th, 2013

Recently at D11, Tim Cook made a statement that Apple would open their APIs more, but “not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience.” He says that “the customer pays us to make certain choices on their behalf.” *looks around* WHO? ME? Nah, Cook. You can cut that out right there, buddy. I don’t pay anything for you to make decisions on my behalf. I pay to use a product as I see fit. If I want to jailbreak it, hack it, smack it, toss it up, flip it, rub…never mind.

I’m unsure of what customer Apple feels that they are making these decisions for but there are tons of customers out there that would rather have free reign to their products. Why do you think the Hackintosh exists. Let me add: I’m in the final phases of getting all the parts for my very own Hackintosh. Why do you think there’s a jailbreak for your precious iPhone? We want be able to customize our phones how we want to. I want to be able to decide on my own whether this experience is better than that experience. By removing the ability and option to even choose you force me to find alternative options outside of your ecosystem entirely. It’s borderline cocky for you to assume that the experience you put out there is thee best solution. Go to YouTube and search “iOS concept video” and you find tons of experiences that I find way better than one offered by the folks at Cupertino.

I stand firm on the notion that if Apple does not knock my socks of on the next iteration of the iPhone that I will either be moving on to a Samsung Galaxy S4 or reverting back to Blackberry with the new z10. PLEASE do not fall victim of being the new Wackberry or what I’d like to call the byePhone. (*It’s all I could think of. Just let me cook.)

Author: Douglas "Wise" Rogers

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