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Dear Samsung

August 23rd, 2013

I love your SSDs. It’s reliable and does a great job in my Hack Pro. I intend on purchasing two more – one for the Hack Pro and one for my Macbook Pro. For geeks like myself, we get SSDs. The average person…not so much. I also get why educating the average person on what SSDs do is important for your business. What I do not get is why you would decide to do so in such a LAME way. Why wouldn’t you try to go the viral route? I just don’t think that this is the most efficient way to get your point across Samsung. I mean, you could always come to me for some suggestions or creative direction *shameless plug*.

Author: Douglas "Wise" Rogers

I'm the creator. Of this site that is. I'm full of ideas and just trying to figure out how to get them out. Following God's path to my version of greatness.