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March 20th, 2013

LifeHacker did a post about delaying the launch of start-up applications on your system so that it doesn’t slow down the system when you boot. It is a great concept. The app they used was Delay Start. I downloaded it and felt it was great. The only issue is that it still launches all the apps at the same time after the time you set. I wanted a system that allowed the apps I need immediately to launch and then launch less important apps later. In stepped DelayedLauncher.

Example: when my system loads, I’m going straight to Chrome, looking at my RSS Feed via Reeder, and checking my email with Sparrow. To get started, I don’t need Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Dropmark, Evernote or FreeMemory to launch immediately but I do want them to start automatically. With DelayedLauncher, I’m able to set Reeder, iChat, Sparrow and Chrome to pretty much start immediately. Then a little later, I have the other apps launching at a set interval.

It’s pretty great because it frees up the systems resources from opening all those apps at once and gives me the ability to dive right into my day. DelayedLauncher is free and easy to set up. You just add the what applications you want to launch, and then you use the slider below to set the delay. The tricky part is that the delay isn’t based on start up but from the last app launched. So 30 seconds is not 30 seconds from the time the system has booted but 30 seconds from the last app on the list. Once you get all the apps you want to launch at start-up on the list, just set DelayedLauncher to start on system login and you’re set.

Author: Douglas "Wise" Rogers

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