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February 19th, 2013

Running Standing Dreams has proven to be quite a task. I try to provide potent and relevant content to my audience of my daily findings. Somethings just do not require a post by itself and must be lumped together. This is why I created Linkshare and Distiguished Tokens. Keeping up with all the links and images is a lot of work. As far as the links, I simply compile them throughout the week using iA Writer or, most recently, using Evernote.

Dropmark App in menu bar

For images, I find it more efficient to use an app called Dropmark. Dropmark allows me to create several folders for my images and save my images in an organized manner to the cloud. When I find images, I drag and drop them in the menu bar where the app is found. A list is displayed with all folders I have and I am able to drop the image into the folder I want and VOILA it’s sent to the cloud. It’s very helpful because it syncs via the cloud with ALL my systems that I have Dropmark installed, kind of like Dropbox but a bit more simple.

When it’s time to create a Distinguished Token post, I simply go to that folder’s weblink and pull the images I want to post.

Dropmark is extremely useful for teams that need to collaborate. You can share images, links, videos, PDFs, etc. They really have done a good job at making this process as easy as possible. Everything is drag and drop, whether you are using the web browser or the app on your system.

Dashboard View

Dropmark just introduced a Dashboard view that gives you top-level overview of all your collections. You can also now set the privacy of any collection so they can be either private or public. These features are set to release on March 1st.

I have been using Dropmark since they were in private beta last year. There is a basic plan is free and offers 250MB of storage and allow for unlimited items. The Pro account is $5 a month or $48 a year for 25GB of storage.

Author: Douglas "Wise" Rogers

I'm the creator. Of this site that is. I'm full of ideas and just trying to figure out how to get them out. Following God's path to my version of greatness.