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Fast and Furious 6 Official Trailer

February 6th, 2013

The Fast and the Furious was my favorite movie when it first hit the scene. I was dying for a ’97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T. My grandparents got me a 1989 Toyota Camry instead. I have been impressed with each film that has come out since, with the exception of Toyko Drift; concept was dope but was my least favorite.

Well, they are back with Fast and Furious 6. This movie is more on the serious side, again. They bought back almost everyone except Bow Wow and the country boy from Tokyo Drift including The Rock and Letty. This really does look like it’s going to be good, but I would of loved it more if they wouldn’t of shown that Letty came back. SMH. I have NO damn idea why they would put that in the trailer since the movie seems hot even without knowing she’s alive. Set to release this year on Memorial Day.

Author: Douglas "Wise" Rogers

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