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Greatness by David Marquet

October 17th, 2013

I have a few friends that have been placed into leadership positions. They sometimes come across moments where members of their teams perform at a level which is not up to par with them. Being the one that gives out advice amongst my circle they come to me. I struggle at finding the proper way to relay to them how to get members of their team to perform in a way that reflects them. When you perform at high levels, you expect others to do the same. Leading a team and expecting them to perform at high levels is sometimes counter productive to everyone. However, I tell them that some way and some how you have to help mentor your team members to see things like you and perform like or close to you. I wish I had seen this video beforehand. The methods that Captain David Marquet used to help get his team to do an awesome job are KEY to being a great leader and employing greatness in your team.

Author: Douglas "Wise" Rogers

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