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Linkshare: Super Bowl 2013 Round-Up

February 4th, 2013

I compiled a lot of info about the commercials, advertisers and tweets at the Super Bowl. Here are my findings.

Oh and shout out Beyonce. Jay is a lucky man.

I: Some of the Best Super Bowl Tweets

These are some of the best tweets that took place during the Super Bowl but it leaves out Audi’s and Oreo’s.

II: A Rundown of the Commercials

I used this as a guide to tell me what commercials would play and the advertisers behind them.

III: All Super Bowl Ads 2013 in Order

You know I had to give you ALL the commercials, right? Well here they go and in order.

IV: Super Bowl Lights Twitter profile

Somebody created a Twitter account for the Super Bowl Lights. LMFAO. Gotta love technology nowadays.

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