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Mail Pilot App in Beta for Mac

December 5th, 2013

Mail Pilot initially started out as an iOS app. NOW it’s moved up and has a Mac desktop app available in beta to the public. I’m not going to lie, I’m tempted to play around with it. It’s similar to Mailbox in many ways except one: they have a desktop client! THAT is the awesome part about this.

Although they are similar in many ways, they do differ in core functionality. Mail Pilot seems to focus on not allowing emails to fall through the cracks where Mailbox focuses on a zero inbox system. Not allowing emails to fall through the cracks DOES appear to be very interesting but the way Mailbox allows you to archive, delete, etc. a LARGE quantity of emails at once is awesome. Plus I’m a stifler for zero inbox. I just wish Mailbox and Dropbox would hurry up and make some moves on a desktop client already. It’s been how long since they teamed up?

You can sign up for the public beta of Mail Pilot here.

Author: Douglas "Wise" Rogers

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