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Dear Andre 3000…

April 9th, 2013

I’ve enjoyed hearing you appear on records with Frank Ocean, Rick Ross and T.I. but, it’s time for you to release an entire project by yourself. I know the process of getting into a creative zone is a lot. However, you’ve been away from damn near everything creative far too long. Dropping nuggets here and there just isn’t cutting it, sir. I just felt the need to say what many have on their minds. I’m quite sure you have enough material for at LEAST a mix tape. C’mon fam, it’s what the people want.

Welcome to Standing Dreams

January 22nd, 2013

Welcome to Standing Dreams. This is my personal online space. I am what I like to call an ultra-creative. (More on the meaning of this later.) This website is where I share my views and thoughts, inspirations and aspirations, things I favor and more. I like to stay up to date on the innovations around me, so I figured I needed someplace to share all these things with you. I aim to help keep everyone around me in the know and motivate them to live out their dreams not only while lying down but while standing. Get it?

This site is a living organism, meaning it is always evolving and growing. Moving forward, you will see many adjustments and additions. I have a few tricks and surprises up my sleeve, so I hope you stay tuned through it all.

This site was conceived in the realm of my dreams, designed in the corridors of my mind and developed using my God-given talent.

Video: Drake – Started From the Bottom

February 10th, 2013

The video is dope. I feel like it shows Drake outside of his usual element. Having a good time with his childhood friends. I mean, I know that 40 and those other guys were around when he made it, but the guy sin the skit appear to be the ones he grew up with. It shows who he REALLY is. I fucks with it.

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