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January 23rd, 2013

Tethercell is a bluetooth battery adapter that allows you to control the power of AA battery devices from your iPhone. It takes AAA batteries and converts them into an AA battery that goes into your device. It connects to your iPhone via bluetooth and allows you turn anything on and off, alerts you when the battery is low, and set device timers and schedules. This would be great for kid’s toys and gadgets…if I had any. lol.

The company is looking to raise $59,000 within the next 31 days. They already have $19,184 at the time of posting. For $29, you get one Tethercell and a free App at a special price. There are other packages and you can check them out at Indiegogo.

What Most Schools Don’t Teach: Code

February 27th, 2013

I wish I grew up in TODAY’S world. Computers run rampant, access to software and tutorials is as easy as buying a Milky Way. But the lack of knowledge of how to code is sad. It is kind of important that you know a little bit more about your computer systems beyond the browser and Microsoft Word. This task lies in the hands of today’s schools. NOT college, because that is where you master what you will live off of. Schools teach you the basics and coding to some degree should be taught to students. Here are some of today’s geeky rock stars speaking about this topic.

Dear Samsung

August 23rd, 2013

I love your SSDs. It’s reliable and does a great job in my Hack Pro. I intend on purchasing two more – one for the Hack Pro and one for my Macbook Pro. For geeks like myself, we get SSDs. The average person…not so much. I also get why educating the average person on what SSDs do is important for your business. What I do not get is why you would decide to do so in such a LAME way. Why wouldn’t you try to go the viral route? I just don’t think that this is the most efficient way to get your point across Samsung. I mean, you could always come to me for some suggestions or creative direction *shameless plug*.

Dear Nike…

March 20th, 2013

Please release the Air Penny IV. It’s been 15 years since they first came out and I don’t believe they have been retroed YET. Feel free to correct me via Twitter if I’m wrong.

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