Douglas Rogers

I am a frontend engineer with over 13 years of industry experience building websites, HTML emails and web applications, providing strategy while building and launching high quality, engaging products. I have professional experience working with JavaScript and PHP. Other frameworks and technologies I've worked with include NodeJS, React, VueJS, Gatsby and NextJS.

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Frontend engineering

Implementing visual elements that users see and interact within an application

JavaScript & PHP development

Executing applications that connect with databases. I mean...isn't that what development is?

Marketing technology

Connecting multiple marketing platforms and tools to help generate and nurture leads

WordPress/CMS development

Building templates, layouts and providing editable areas for CMS driven sites

Digital creative direction

Consulting design team to provide engaging experience for all digital creative work

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Current Interests

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • React Query
  • Redis
  • Writing
  • Filmmaking

Other Interests

  • Father/Husband
  • Sneakerhead
  • Car enthusiast
  • Techie
  • Cereal connoisseur